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WUUK Smart Doorbell Pro (2K)

Wire-free Battery-Powered 2K

Constantly paying attention to every knock on your door can be a huge challenge. Let WUUK Smart Doorbell Pro help you solve this problem and bring you a sense of safety. No matter where you are, day or night, you don't have to worry about missing a visitor.

*Require to work with WUUK Base Station

  • 2K Video Doorbell
  • Two-Way Audio
  • PIR Human Detection
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • No Subscription. No Monthly Fee.
  • 5200mAh rechargeable batteries
$169.99 199.99
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  • wuuk HD
  • wuuk Motion
  • wuuk IR NIGHT
  • wuuk ANTI-THEFT
  • wuuk AI FACIAL
  • wuuk INSTANT

Simple Pairing Process & Stable Signal and Connection

  • Tired of sending your Wi-Fi information to your smart home devices or checking the WiFi router's compatibility? Download the WUUK app we developed and match it according to the operation instructions.
  • WUUK Smart Doorbell Pro is equipped with a Base Station with high-power Wi-Fi and built-in Storage, ensuring you have a more stable and faster 2.4G wifi signal than others. Our doorbell camera will exceed your expectations for security.





Monitor Your Home Day or Night, with the WUUK App

  • Easy to Install
  • Instant Anti-theft Alert
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • 10% Low Battery Reminder

Monitor Your Home Day or Night


Easy to Install

Monitor Your Home Day or Night


Instant Anti-theft Alert

Monitor Your Home Day or Night


IP65 Waterproof

Monitor Your Home Day or Night


10% Low Battery Reminder

2K HDR High Resolution

  • WUUK video doorbell 2K with high dynamic range captures visual in 3MP and 2.5x clearer than 1080p. 8 embedded infrared LED lights allow you to have a clear view at night and in other low light conditions. WUUK's security doorbell lets you see the view from head to toe with a 134° view.
  • A 3M double-sided tape camera doorbell allows you to easily fix it anywhere in under 3 minutes. A free 15° backplate wedge is included if angle adjustment is needed.

2K ultra-clear night vision ensures you get a clear picture of who's at your door even when it's dark.


Support Major Smart Home Platforms


User Testimonial

  • Rosco

    wuuk wuuk wuuk wuuk wuuk

    Having been exceeding pleased with the WUUK outdoor 2K Security Cameras Pro system so much so, I purchased an additional set. With that experience, I decided to try the WUUK 2K Doorbell Pro. The Doorbell Pro integrated seamlessly with the existing base station and the app with no problems. I have been happy with the dependability, simplicity, and clarity of both systems.

  • Steve Shaw

    wuuk wuuk wuuk wuuk wuuk

    I used WUUK old model before and it was pretty good compares to other brands. The new 2K model got it yesterday and I found out it has a lot of improvements including the storage base, so you don’t need to pay for the monthly fee like other brands. It’s super easy to install by the APP and the detective sensors are pretty sensitive (I don’t see delay). Love it!

Technical Specs

  • Video Resolution 2052×1540
    Working Temperature -20°C to 50°C
  • Camera Resolution 2048×1536
    Weather Proof IP65
  • Field of View 134°
    WUUK App Compatibility Android & iOS (3GB RAM required)
  • IR Night Vision 16ft
    WiFi Band Only works on 2.4 Ghz WiFi band
  • Power Options Built-in Battery (5400 mAh) or Existing Doorbell Wiring (8-24V)
    WiFI 6 Router, Dual Band, Mesh Compatible
  • Battery Life Long Battery Life
    Doorbell Dimension L8.07 x W6.89 x H4.61 inches
  • Storage Local SD Card or Free 48 hours rolling storage (Optional Cloud Subscription)
    Chime Voltage 100V~240V
  • Video Resolution Working Temperature
  • 2052×1540 -20°C to 50°C
  • Camera Resolution Weather Proof
  • 2048×1536 IP65
  • Field of View WUUK App Compatibility
  • 134° Android & iOS (3GB RAM required)
  • IR Night Vision WiFi Band
  • 16ft Only works on 2.4 Ghz WiFi band
  • Power Options WiFI 6 Router, Dual Band, Mesh
  • Built-in Battery (5400 mAh) or Existing Doorbell Wiring (8-24V) Compatible
  • Battery Life Doorbell Dimension
  • Long Battery Life L8.07 x W6.89 x H4.61 inches
  • Storage Chime Voltage
  • Local SD Card or Free 48 hours rolling storage (Optional Cloud Subscription) 100V~240V


  • Can I connect more than 1 chime to unit?

    One doorbell can only connect to one chime. They are a set. However, multiple doorbells can be added to one WUUK app account and can be accessed and controlled from there.
  • What is maximum size of SD card that can be used?

    We only allow up to 64GB Micro SD card to be used, and it needs to be Class 10 level.
  • Is this doorbell compatible with a 5ghz network?

    WUUK Doorbell Camera connects with 2.4GHz WiFi, and does not support 5ghz.
  • How do you prevent theft of device?

    If someone removes the device without turning the anti-theft alarm off, the doorbell will make a loud alarm, unless he puts it back to the wall mount. At the same time, his face will be recorded on the camera, and you will be able to find it in the WUUK App. If you want to report it to the police, you can download the video from the app and the data should be stored on the cloud for days or in the micro SD card you placed in the WUUK Chime.
  • I don't have doorbell wires. I would like to hardwire it. The other side of the wall is an AC outlet. what are the input requirements?

    WUUK doorbell requires 8~24volt AC power. If there is no doorbell system, an additional doorbell transformer needs to be purchased. Also, the doorbell has a built-in rechargeable battery, you could use the battery directly to power the doorbell.

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